Online Invoice Builder -
Working on your Quotes and Invoices

This is where you develop the document that you will eventually send to your customers.

Once an invoice is set to SENT
  • That version of the invoice is preserved.
  • You can no longer edit the invoice set date - required before changing from quote to invoice set to sent view html set to paid

    Some of the Editing Features
    You can customize the quote

    Working on the Line Items
    Editing, deleting, moving items up/down

    Changing from Quote to Invoice
    To do this, you must first assign a date.

    The Date Format must be YYYY-MM-DD

    When this is done you will see a new link which allows you to set the Invoice to SENT
    After you set the invoice to Sent, you will no longer be able to edit it.

    Now that it is sent, the title has changed from QUOTE to INVOICE

    SENT Invoice.